Individual Learning Styles

Our curriculum takes into account the varied learning styles which God has given each of us and that give our students opportunities to learn in a variety of ways.  We know that some students learn best through use of their eyes, some through what they hear, and others through manipulation of materials.  Each of us has a preferred learning style, but that style is complemented as more avenues of acquiring information are used.  Research teaches us that the best mastery comes from use of as many styles as possible.  Activities create a personal experience for the students and then discussions provide opportunity for them to reflect on the experience.  Students make connections between their experiences and the material to be presented--facts and the accumulated knowledge of others.  Finally, students have the opportunity to teach the learning to others within a small group, their entire class or to the entire student body through a variety of presentation methods.  This understanding of education enables students to enjoy the learning process immensely and to internalize what they have learned.