The Pre-K program offered by Cornerstone Community School is structured for the four year old child who has turned four by September 1 or for the “young” five year old who is not quite ready for a regular Kindergarten program.  All students must be potty trained and must possess developmentally appropriate life-skills to be a part of the program. 

The overall goal of the Pre-K is to provide an educational experience for four year old children in an environment using a hands-on, developmentally appropriate, and biblically integrated program.  They will learn to have a loving appreciation and respect for others, develop self-discipline and individual responsibility, and independence in making choices and decisions.  We will provide clear and consistent expectations and routines for our students that will encourage responsible student behavior.  


Providing children with a structured learning environment that builds on children’s prior knowledge and interests can be accomplished by integrating instruction to maximize meaning through:

Thematic Units (Inquiry Based)
Literature Based Instruction
Key Experience/Work Sampling

Students will have the opportunity to learn to accomplish the following through the areas listed above:

Make choices and decisions
Manipulate materials
Interact with peers and adults
Experience special events
Reflect on ideas and actions
Use language in personally meaningful ways
Receive appropriate adult support

The curriculum will introduce children to letters/phonics, number concepts, colors, and shapes.  The curriculum will also include health, safety, manners, and fine and gross motor developmental activities.  A time of prayer and Biblical instruction is included in each day’s schedule.  Children will be involved in role-playing, interest/learning centers, art, and music.