Thematic Units

By organizing our instruction around three to four week themes, students learn that all of God’s world is inter-connected.  Students also master a subject area better when they are able to approach it from many directions and spend ample time to take field trips and interact hands-on with the subject. The following units provide an example of the themes around which all the classroom subjects revolve. Within each thematic unit the students will study language arts, math, art, science, Bible, history, music, physical education, etc. Some units naturally lend themselves to more in-depth study in one area (e.g., “Oceans” provide extra science information and “Thanksgiving” a history emphasis). These emphases are taken into consideration in the placement of units and educational scope and sequence (which competencies need to be learned and when).  Other examples are:
• Bones and simple machines  
• Weather
• Colonization
• Continents and land formations
• Communication
• Immigration
• Ancient Egypt
• Ohio history and geography