Tuition costs are all inclusive. A tuition schedule will be provided upon request.

The only additional fee is optional.  A family applying for financial aid would incur a $30 fee through FACTS Grant Aid Management.

Tuition Discounts

The following financial incentives are offered to encourage enrollment and financial planning:

  • Multi-child discounts are given to families with more than one student attending Cornerstone.
  • Early Payment discount will be offered for those accounts paid in full by June 26 of the upcoming year for which a student is enrolled. This discount is available in addition to all other discounts.

Payment Options

The following payment options are available to suit a variety of budgetary needs:

  • Registration Payment:  A payment equal to 1/12 of the total tuition is due by June 1.
  • Annual Payment:  Those who pay their account in full by June 26 (described above) will be able to take advantage of the Early Payment Discount.
  • Semester Payments:  Pay 1/12th by June 1, 2017. FACTS online payment plan required ( There is a one time fee of $10. Semester payments are due by July 15, 2017 and January 15, 2018 via FACTS electronic payment system.
  • Monthly Payments:  Payments are made via automatic deduction from your checking account via FACTS online payment plan ( There is one time $45 set up fee.