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Second Kindergarten for 2017-2018

As a result of the large number of applicants for kindergarten next year, we will officially have two kindergarten classes next year. Mrs. Talley, who taught 2nd grade last year and 3rd grade this year, expressed interest in moving to Kindergarten.  Her certification is in Kindergarten to 3rd grade, and she is absolutely qualified and thrilled to take this position.  

As a school, we feel strongly that Mrs. Talley will be fantastic our incoming Kindergarten families and for transitioning Pre-K families.  Her enthusiasm, love for the students, and energy will pair well with her training and desire for academic excellence and learning.  She will work extremely well with Mrs. Kropp, our existing Kindergarten teacher, and she will be an asset for our school in the Kindergarten area.

We trust that this decision is good for the betterment of the school community as a whole, and ultimately, for the Kingdom of God.  We are excited to see how God uses Mrs. Talley in her new role.

We are now able to continue accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year in the Kindergarten classes.


Summer Hours

The school office will be open in June, Monday - Thursday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

The school office will be closed in July.

The school office will re-open on July 31st.

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1June 1, 2017
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Awards Ceremony
6June 6, 2017
Class Picnics
7June 7, 2017
Last Day of School - 11:30 Dismissal
8June 8, 2017
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