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Whole Child Philosophy

At CCS, we want our students to be lifelong learners that will be world-changers and difference-makers!  Education goes beyond academics, as that is only one component. As we seek to discover our students' unique gifts we strive to teach the whole child.

Your child is uniquely created by God and has a unique way of learning. Our whole child philosophy means CCS faculty utilizes different strategies for different learners to develop the character of each and every student.

Biblical Perspective

Biblical Perspective - CCSChrist-Centered

We seek to be a Christian school by teaching from a Christ-centered, biblical worldview. We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God, the truth by which the Holy Spirit enlightens our understanding of God, ourselves and the world. All of life, including the studies and disciplines in which our students are engaged, are governed and directed by the authority of the Scriptures. As a school community we strive to live out the principles which God has defined for us in Scripture as we live together in unity.

Smaller Class Sizes

Small Class Size - CCSOur students are known

 We believe smaller classes are necessary to meet the varied needs of young children as they grow and develop during their early education. Only with smaller classes can the child be known according to his or her gifts, abilities, areas of challenge, learning style, temperament, family background, etc. Smaller classes also enable the teacher to genuinely care for and be involved with each child and his or her family.


Multi-Aging - CCSCooperative Learning

To encourage cooperative learning where students at different levels of development can interact together, we intentionally group students in a multi-grade setting for their unit activities in social studies, science and some other subjects. We call these groupings—first and second, third and fourth—forms

As CCS grows, our students will have many positive opportunities to learn and interact with older and younger children as well as adults.

Parental Involvement

Parent InvolvementOur Middle Name is "Community"

As our name states, our school is a community. We believe that God has given parents the privilege and responsibility to bring up children in the training and instruction of the Lord and that schooling exists as an extension of the home and church. Because of this, parents are integrally involved in the life and work of CCS, participating in ways which take into account their interests and abilities. We encourage the parents and grandparents of our CCS students to be as involved as possible in our school, including, leading worship at chapels, volunteering on Fantastic Fridays, field trips, participating in room activities, office and admin support, lunch and recess monitors, and much more. 

Field Trips

field trips - CCSExperiential Education

Field trips and other forms of experiential education are essential components of our integrated curriculum. Our small class size enables the students to go on field trips where they have the opportunity to experience and apply much of what they learn in the classroom. These outings also encourage our students to broaden their minds and envision possibilities for service in the kingdom of God. Through these diverse experiences they develop a love for learning which takes them far beyond the classroom walls and aids them in becoming motivated, life-long learners.