Cornerstone Community School offers an education founded on the Word of God that celebrates His sovereignty over all creation, including science, language arts, mathematics, the arts, history and all other academic subjects. If our children are to take their places as members of the Kingdom of God, they must be equipped to reflect God's wisdom in every area of life. To accomplish this, Cornerstone Community School utilizes an integrate curriculum that approaches studies thematically, showing both the interconnections of academics disciplines and the unity of all things under a sovereign Lord.

We know that what we believe about God and ourselves as creatures inevitably shapes how we look at the world around us. For us as educators, what and how we teach our children about the world reveals our true understanding of God. We are convinced that a truly Christian education will reflect who God is, who we are in His eyes and what He intends for us in creation. We want this to permeate everything in school-how we view skills, what activities and materials we use, what view of knowledge we accept, how we evaluate students' work and how we interact as a community.